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March 2014

February 2014
Cartoon by Gymglish

Have you seen this plane?

64 m long, 61 m wide, 387 tons. White with little windows.

Last seen at Kuala Lumpur airport with 300 mini-bottles of whiskey and 1000 peanuts.

Please return if found!


Lost (adjective): defeated; missing or absent.

To lose (verb): the opposite of to win; to misplace something, such as your keys or a giant airplane.

Lost in the news

This month, a 777 jetliner was “lost” somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

Losing a plane full of people shouldn't be taken loosely.

Things you can lose:

Face: Try explaining the loss of a 270 million dollar plane.

Mind: 239 human beings on board. Enough to drive you crazy.

Hope: Surviving 2 weeks at sea is no easy task. Is this a lost cause?

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