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October 2014

September 2014
Cartoon by Gymglish

Plan Your Savings

Savings account: A bank account that pays interest. Open one today and receive a free mug.

Life Savings: With 0.001% annual interest on your new account, retire comfortably by 3030. At least you got a free mug.


Savings: An economy of resources (time, money, effort).

Daylight Savings: A complicated system of clock manipulation designed to confuse humans.

Daylight Savings in the News

In late October, many clocks are set back one hour to compensate for fewer hours of sunlight, ending “Daylight Savings”.

Desired effects:
•  Help farmers
•  Conserve energy
•  Boost the economy
•  Screw up your work schedule
•  Terrorize local roosters

What to do with your extra hour:

Go to work early. No one will notice or care. Just like every day, right?

Make love. Then enjoy a nap for 59 minutes.

Nothing. Wasting an hour is more fun than saving one.

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