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April 2015

Mar 2015
Cartoon by Gymglish

Racing backwards?

Racial violence, handguns, capital punishment, fracking, drought, more handguns, twisters, alligators, Tom Cruise… Americans can tolerate almost anything.


Race (noun): A competition to see who is the fastest, or the best.

Ex: My greyhound would thrash your poodle
in a race.

Also: Term used to divide people into groups based on skin colour.

Ex: My poodle doesn’t discriminate: no matter your age, race or gender, he will hump your leg.

Note: a poodle is a ‘breed’ (not race) of dog.

Races in the news

This month Hillary Clinton announced she would be running in the US Presidential race.

Also running (for their lives), black people all over America trying to escape an increasingly brutal police force. Sorry, we couldn’t make this funny.

Leading the human race?

Land of freedom and opportunity, melting pot of cultures: race may no longer be an issue in the US presidential race.

Now, are Americans ready to tolerate a president with breasts?

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