April 2010

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Cartoon by Gymglish


Ash: the residue from a burnt object, such as a cigar, or the matter expelled after a volcanic eruption.

Places where ash is commonly found: ashtrays, vases or urns, the sky over Iceland.


“Let's go to Eyjaf- uh Ijafff- uh, Eefaj- uhm, let's go to that volcano and see some ash!”

“Did you stash the cash in the ash tray?”

Ashy Facts

• The secret ingredient to many barbecue sauces is ash.

• “Ash” shouldn't be confused with “hash” or “cash”, although all three of these substances have been known to obscure visibility.


“Ash” is also a type of tree. If you wanted, you could make an ashtray from an ash tree.

Arthur Ashe was the first black male tennis player to win a Grand Slam event (the 1968 U.S. Open). Yannick Noah was the second.

French singer Arthur H is neither a tree nor a tennis player. Good to know.

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