August 2011

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Cartoon by Gymglish


A beach is a sandy strip of land next to the water.

It's where children dine on sand, seagulls steal french fries, and dreams come true.

Beach Buzz

August is the perfect month to go to the beach. On the other hand, it's a bad month for anything else. Good luck finding an open pharmacy.

When you're at the beach, watch out for high tide, low tide, sharks, rude starfish and killer green algae. On second thoughts, maybe we should just stay home.

Beach Basics

Nudist beaches are the best place to see German tourists in all their glory.

White sand beaches are a bit racist: they discriminate against black sand beaches.

Baywatch beaches are the best spot to see David Hasselhoff run in slow motion.

Beach vs Bitch

Don't confuse "beach“ with ”bitch". Your pronunciation may cost you the woman or the holiday of your dreams. Or both.

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