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Bribe (noun): money or favors given to persuade or induce someone.

To bribe (verb): to influence or corrupt by bribe.

Bribery (noun): the #1 form of governance worldwide, edging out democracy and socialism.

Bribery in the news

Swiss despot Sepp Blatter finally resigned from FIFA following proof of corruption and bribery.

Blatter was issued two yellow cards, then a red card before finally leaving the pitch as a multibillionaire.

Know your bribes

Kickback: A commission on corruption. When one person makes a buck, another takes a buck. Also a sweet Kung Fu move.

Pot-de-vin: French for bribe (a wine pot). That’s all you need to know about French values.

You may now kiss the bribe

Slip the host $20, you’ll get a better table.

Slip an international football organization $20 million, you’ll receive the biggest football tournament in the world.

Note: BRIBE could legitimately be the Word of the Month every month, but someone made us an offer we couldn’t refuse.

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