December 2016

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Cheer: joy, happiness, good spirit.

To cheer: to shout for joy or encouragement; to comfort or console.

Cheerful: happy, joyful, content.

Ex: That cheerful guy must not have a TV.

Cheery expressions

Cheers (British thanks): Thanks for nothing, 2016.

Cheers! (Before drinking): Remember to look into each other’s eyes otherwise Trump will become President... oh, never mind.

Cheerio (British goodbye): The Brits said a big one recently.

Cheer up! (Don’t be sad!) Let’s do something about it. After New Year’s eve, of course.

Reasons for cheer

Global Warming: Good news! According to our new leaders, it doesn’t exist anymore.

Giant Sea Cows: The West Indian Manatee is no longer considered endangered. Great news for '(hu)manatee'.

(R.I.P.) 2016: The year is mercifully coming to an end. Cheers to New Years.

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