September 2020

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A court (of law): Place where law or justice is practiced.

A (basketball) court: Area where sports are played.

A (Queen's) court: A royal palace and its personnel.

To court (someone)
: to pursue romantically.

Famous courts

US Supreme Court: The highest court in the American judicial system.

Roland Garros: Hey, remember tennis?

Louis XIV: Fancy, but nothing to lose your head over.

Courting expressions

To have your day in court: To have a chance to be heard. Rarely applicable for marginalized people.

To take (sbdy) to court: To sue someone. American tradition as old as burgers, diabetes and rifles.

"I'll see you in court!" Yell this before demanding a divorce. Your kids will get over it. Incidentally, fu*k you Mom and Dad.

Courts in the news

This month, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the 2nd female justice in US Supreme Court history, died at the age of 87.

Thanks to RBG, women's rights finally had their day in court.

What’s next? The ball is in the Republicans' court.

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