The Word of the Month


November 2017

Cartoon by Gymglish


A creep: A detestable, odious person.

To creep: to move slowly or cautiously, like a spider or thief.

Creepy: unpleasant, scary or annoying.

Irregular verb alert: He creeps / He crept / He has crept

Creeps in the news

Women’s accounts of harassment, abuse, assaults and threats by privileged male creeps are finally creeping to the surface after decades centuries millennia of unreported creepy behavior.

With no visible end to the allegations, these acts now occasionally result in negative consequences, depending on how powerful and profitable you are.

Don’t confuse Creep with:

Crêpe: Thin French pancake, ideal for frisbee.

Crap: Excrement or feces. More polite than saying ‘shit’. Oh crap, we said it anyway.

Crop: A seasonal harvest of plants. There was a record crop of creeps this year.

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