December 2019

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Decade (noun): A period of 10 years.

Ex: This decade was my best yet: I wrote 3 novels, quit smoking, got married and turned 11 years old.

Decade in the news

As 2019 draws to a close, so does a decade.

For some, it ends on a decadent note with champagne and goose liver.

Years in words

Year (365 days): the time it takes the Earth to orbit the moon 7 times, according to one drunk 10 year old.

Century (100 years): Enough time to strip the Earth of about half of its natural resources.

Millenium (1000 years) The recommended time to wait after eating to go swimming.

Notable Decades

1920s: Women's suffrage! The Great Depression! Prohibition! Jazz! Picasso!

1960s: Mao! Sex, Drugs & Rock n'Roll! Beatlemania! Vietnam! Moon stuff!

1980s: Gorbachev! Chernobyl! The PC! Star Wars! AIDS! Aerobics!

2010s: #MeToo! Streaming! Selfies! Trump! Fake News! Greta! The Word of the Month!

Happy New Decade!

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