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Fair (adjective): Just; appropriate; equal

Fair (skin, hair): light (skin, hair)

Fairly (good): quite, relatively (good).

Fair in the news

March 8th marks International Women's Day: commemorating unfairness to women annually since 1977.

The only fair thing about injustice is how fairly universal it is.

Fair expressions

Fair play: Honorable conduct. Good for polite society and tennis.

All's fair in love and war: In some situations it’s acceptable to behave badly. Debatable.

Fair enough: Used when something appears reasonable. Touch me again and I'll kick you in the balls, fair enough?

A history of fairness

70,000 BCE Nomadic men and women enjoy equal status.

12,000 BCE Agricultural Revolution. Women become property, men become bastards.

21st century: Most women can vote, but earn less than men and are disproportionately victims of violence. Unfair enough?

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