September 2016

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Cartoon by Gymglish


To hack: To cut or chop, often with a blade or axe.

Also: To access data illegally via computer.

Ex: Bro, I totally hacked your microwave.

Hacks in the news

In September, Yahoo revealed that 500 million personal email accounts were hacked. Shocking... 500 million people still use Yahoo?

This follows hacks of high-profile US politicians, allegedly by hackers trying to cause chaos in the US elections. Not sure a hack was necessary to accomplish that.

Know your hackers

Hacktivist: Ethical hacker. Think Snowden, Anonymous, and your kind nephew.

Cracker: Unethical hacker. Think your other, evil nephew. Also a type of biscuit.

Social Media sites: Lazy hackers. We give them our info willingly.

How to hack the US Government

Use a computer. Not a toaster.

Go online: The White House wifi is ANYONEBUTDONALD.

Crack the password: Try ‘1234’. Hasn’t changed since George W.

Change the world: Sometimes we need a 12-year-old in his mother’s basement to hold a mirror up to society.

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