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Cartoon by Gymglish


To hang*: to suspend or be suspended in the air; to kill or die by suspension from a rope. (Not recommended).

A hung parliament: a parliament without an overall party majority.

*Irregular verb alert:
to hang (a painting): hang / hung / hung
to hang (a person): hang / hanged / hanged

Hanging In the News

Following UK elections, the Conservative Party has lost its majority, leading to a hung parliament and a shaky Brexit.

Between Labour, the Conservatives, and the Queen, it’s going to take Sherlock Holmes to figure out who’s in charge of Britain right now.

Hanging with Hang: a glossary

To hang out: to relax and enjoy

Hang on! Wait!

Hanging by a thread: in danger of failing

To be hungover: suffering from the aftereffects of alcohol

To hang up: to end a phone call

Before you Brexit (a fake phone call)

UK: Europe, I don't want to hang out anymore. I’m leaving you.

EU: Hang on, Britain!

UK: Our relationship is hanging by a thread.

EU: Can we at least talk to Ireland?

UK: He’s too hungover. Later, bro.

EU: No, don’t hang up!

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