November 2013

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Cartoon by Gymglish


Hash (noun): The # symbol on a keyboard or telephone.

Tag (noun): a label or identifying mark.

Hashtag (noun): a word or phrase starting with #, used to group relevant topics on the web.
Ex: #imwearingsocks

A brief history of hashtags

-Originated in Internet chatrooms as a way to label conversation topics. #nerds

-Introduced to microblogging site Twitter in 2007. #billionairenerds

-Now used everywhere by everyone, including your mother. #weareallnerds

Tag Time

Tag is a game in which kids aggressively chase and slap each other. #childrenarethefuture

Tagliatelle is a flat noodle invented by Italian gladiator Emporio Armani. #theinternettoldme

Hash Trivia

The # symbol is called hash in the UK, but pound in the US. Meanwhile the British use pounds instead of dollars. #anglologic.

Hash is also short for hashish, the Arabic word for 'grass'. Far less addictive than hashtags. #pleasehelpme

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