The Word of the Month


April 2019

Cartoon by Gymglish


A hole: a cavity or opening.

A black hole: a region of space & time from which nothing can escape. Like the Internet.

Don't confuse with...

Whole: entire, complete, containing everything.

Note: Whole and Hole are pronounced identically.

Holes in the news

This month, telescopes captured the first images of a black hole. The images prove that Einstein's theory is accurate (relatively).

Meanwhile, down here, we've had holes in a cathedral (Paris) and churches (Sri Lanka), and a whole lot of scandal.

The black hole cares nothing for these Earthly matters.

Outside holes

Foxhole: Improvised shelter from gunfire during war. May contain foxes.

Pothole: Gaps or holes in the street. Your tax money at work.

Hellhole: A dump or dirty place. That's no way to talk about our planet.

Inside holes

Pie hole (slang). The mouth. Food goes in, words go out.

A$$hole (vulgar) The rectum; an unpleasant person or place. You may be familiar with all three.

Navel. Round thing on your belly. Why look to the stars when we've got this to stare at?

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