December 2010

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Leak (noun):
1. A hole or crack through which liquid or gas escapes
2. The publication or spread of sensitive information

To leak (verb):
1. To enter or escape through a small opening
2. To disclose or reveal confidential information


WikiLeaks: a whistle-blowing website which practices “principled leaking” (the selective release of sensitive information) from anonymous or confidential sources.

Deep Throat: Not just a classic porno film. Also the code name of the most famous leaker in American history (Mark Felt), who divulged information about the Watergate scandal.

Fun Facts

Leaks occur in many places: kitchen sinks, oil tankers in the gulf of Mexico, hundreds of mirror websites across the world, etc.

Don't confuse to leak with to lick (using your tongue to touch something). Things that can be licked: lollipops, earlobes, hallucinogenic frogs.

Leaky expressions

To take a leak: to urinate. Very liberating, especially in the woods, on the snow or even in a toilet.

Leek soup: a winter classic made with leeks, a green vegetable. Warms you up, and if you drink enough, you'll be sure to take a leak.

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