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Cartoon by Gymglish


Loophole: a small opening in a wall for firing weapons;

Also: a means of escape or avoiding something, like a tax, law or contract.

Loopholes in the News

This month, the Panama Papers exposed prominent tax evaders using legal loopholes to conceal assets.

Loopholes help the rich get richer, like some sort of reverse Robin Hood.

Loophole Lands

Switzerland: Go for the chocolate, stay for the secret bank accounts.

Cayman islands: Snorkeling. Rum. Offshore tax havens. Every kid’s dream.

Monaco: Beautiful princess. Fast cars. Tax breaks. What more can you ask for?

International Waters: Prostitution. Gambling. Turtle wrestling. In the ocean, anything goes.

Other holes

Black hole: Giant space vacuum. Possible location of your money once given to a bank.

Watering hole: A bar. Another spot where money disappears.

A$$holes: They make money in one country, then hide it in another. Aren't we supposed to send these secessionists to the hole?

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