Make up

December 2014

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Cartoon by Gymglish


To make up with somebody: To reconcile after a dispute.

Ex: Sorry about the whole missile thing. Let's kiss and make up.

Making Up in the News

This month, the US and Cuba restored diplomatic relations.

Secret negotiations took place in Canada and Vatican City due to their many nightlife options.

Know your “make ups”

Make-up: Cosmetics like lipstick and mascara. Prelude to make-up sex.

Make-up sex: The best sex comes after fights. Ask Raul and Barack.

To make up a story: To invent or fabricate. Did you hear about the Cuban dictator who made love to the American president?

US/Cuba Make-Up Guide

-Apologize for nuclear threats
-Release political prisoners
-Remove any torture facilities nearby
-Throw in a few jogging suits
-Invite Pope Francis for nachos and mediation

Et voilà, you're made up! Next?

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