November 2012

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Movember (noun): A combination of the words “Mustache” and “November”. Also called “No shave November”.

A made-up holiday where men grow mustaches and beards to promote cancer (awareness).

Movember in the news

In 1999, Movember allegedly originated in an Australian pub, where most Australian initiatives begin.

Movember gained notoriety worldwide, as men are constantly looking for justification not to shave.

Mighty Mustaches

Mustaches come in many shapes and sizes.

Mustaches are scientifically proven to increase manliness: Examples: Dali, Frida Kahlo, Hitler, Thomas Magnum.

Movember Miscellany

Mustaches are sometimes called "staches“ (US) or ”taches" (UK). A stash is also a place to hide drugs or money. Coincidence?

A female equivalent to “No shave November” was proposed, but received little support. Surprise.

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