February 2012

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Cartoon by Gymglish


Pirate: A person that attacks ships in order to steal from them. Affinity for rum, wooden legs, talking parrots.

Also: A person that illegally copies or distributes copyrighted material. Affinity for high bandwidth, anonymous IP addresses, talking parrots.

Pirates in the news

Megaupload, a mega file-hosting and streaming video site, was shut down for mega copyright infringement. Users mega sad.

In retaliation, the Internet group Anonymous hacked several government and corporate music sites. Their leader was quoted as saying “LOL”.

Pirate knowledge

Modern Somali pirates can earn up to 79,000 USD per year, minus the cost of gasoline, boats and guns. Kids, consider a career as a pirate!

Notable Pirates

Black Beard, Captain Hook, Johnny Depp. All of them have beards, only one works for Disney.

You and me: Your hard drive is full of contraband. You're a pirate, my friend, just like the rest of us.

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