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Pluto (noun): A small, hospitable planet, composed largely of ice and rock.

Also: Mickey’s dog.

Pluto in the news

This month, amazing pictures from NASA’s New Horizons space probe confirmed that Pluto is not a dog, but a “dwarf planet”.

Scientists expect more images shortly, including nudes of Minnie Mouse, plus a sex tape featuring Donald Duck and Mufasa.

Don’t confuse Pluto with...

Plato: Philosopher really into caves, non-sexual relationships and republicans.

Bluto: Popeye’s fiercest rival. Not a fan of spinach. In love with Olive Oyl.

Goofy: When will you people learn? One sniffs butts and pees everywhere, and the other is Pluto!

Pluto with suffixes

Plutocrat: A resident of Pluto. A person who rules via their wealth.

Plutocracy: The type of government that okays a 10-year, $700 million space mission for a few blurry pics.

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