October 2016

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Cartoon by Gymglish


A prize: an award, like a trophy.

To prize: to cherish, value or treasure.

Ex: My most prized possession is my prizewinning pig.

Prizes in the news

In October, winners of the prestigious Nobel Prize were announced.

The Nobel prize for literature will be awarded to notable novelist songwriter Bob Dylan, who finally accepted after weeks of silence. His answer is no longer blowin' in the wind.

Eyes on the prize

Prize fighter: A boxer. Fights for pride, love, family, but mostly cash.

Consolation Prize: For losers. Now they’re winners too.

Booby Prize: Ironic prize for last place. Sadly no boobies involved.

How to win a Nobel Prize

Invent dynamite: That’s what Alfred Nobel did, and they named the prize after him.

Play the harmonica: Dylan did it. Look where he ended up.

Be a human rights pioneer. Or play the harmonica. Both important.

Be a man: Since 1901, 822 men have won the prize vs 48 women. Sur-Prize?

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