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Cartoon by Gymglish


Remote: far away, distant; hidden or secluded.

A remote (control): device used to control something (like a TV) at a distance.

Remote(s) in the news

Due to virulent circumstances, many in the global workforce are discovering the joys of remote working.

While the possibility of a pandemic was once remote, we're now desperately seeking (the remote) control.

My remote diary

Day 1: This isn't so bad.
Day 3: I've eaten all my toilet paper.
Day 5: I've started exercising.
Day 6: I've stopped exercising.
Day 9: I no longer believe in pants.
Day 242: My kids remote work for me now. This isn't so bad.

How to not feel so remote

Facebook: Never mind. Still not remotely interesting.

Cyber dating: If we're alive 6-8 months from now, I really feel like this could work.

Applaud: Health professionals, shop employees, supply chain workers... everybody except politicians.

Flatten the curve: Who knew we could save the world by staying home?

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