February 2011

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Photo Iman Mosaad


Revolution (noun):

• An attempt to change the government by a large group of people, sometimes violent.

• A major shift or change in conventions or ideas.

• A complete turn or circle.

Revolutions in the news

Classic Revolutions:
American (vs. Great Britain)
French (vs. French monarchy)
Bolshevik (vs. Tsarists)
Copernican (Earth vs. Sun)
Dance Dance Revolution (Japan's #1 dance video game)

New Wave Revolutions:
In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya, civil unrest has made the news thanks to social media giants Twitter and Facebook. Current status of these governments? It's complicated.

Revolutionary Facts

33 1/3 is the standard RPM (revolutions per minute) of a vinyl record. Anything faster and you start sounding like a chipmunk.

Famous Revolutionaries

• Che Guevara: creator of the Che Guevara T-shirt.
• Chairman Mao: inventor of the chair, man.
• V.I. Lenin: co-founder of the Beatles.

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