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To roam: To travel or walk around, often freely or without a plan - like sheep.

Ex: Corrupt politicians roam freely in Rome.     
Roaming: Mobile phone service used when travelling in other countries.

Roam in the news

This month, the European Parliament has voted to end mobile phone roaming fees.

Not until December 2015 though.

Yes, another 20 months getting fleeced by your telephone company.

Roam rhymes with…

Comb - (silent B) Last seen roaming around your hair.

Home - (silent H if you're French) Where you go after roaming the streets.

Financial ruin - (silent despair) The phone bill after data roaming abroad.

Roaming Fee vs Roaming Free

In 1995, Europe opened its borders to allow free travel for EU citizens.

20 years later, Europeans can at last roam for free.

As they say, Roam wasn't built in a day.

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