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Runoff (noun): A second round of voting to determine the winner in an election or contest.

Don’t confuse with:

To run off: to run away, to flee.

Runoffs in the News

In France, an independent centrist and a far-right candidate head toward a runoff election for President of the 3rd 4th 5th Republic.

In homage to the US, France has combined a woman and a populist into one candidate. Vive la France !

French election guide I

Step 1. Gather 10 to 30 presidential candidates. The more the merrier.

Step 2. Compare the scandals. What can you tolerate from your future prez? Corruption? Sex? Bad breath?

Step 3. Vote via a sophisticated system of folded papers. It’s hack-proof, Comrade.

French election guide II

Step 4. Wait for the runoff. With 10+ candidates, the math suggests nobody will win a majority in round 1.

Step 5. Vote again. If last round meant anything, it’s that this round means everything.

Step 6. If the sh*t hits the fan, run off?

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