August 2017

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Cartoon by Gymglish


Shadow : A dark shape that occurs when an object blocks the sun.

To shadow (verb): to follow or observe closely.

Ex: Trump shadows his every move on TV.

Shadows in the news

On August 21st a total solar eclipse cast a shadow of the moon across the entire US, leaving millions in darkness.

(See below for real darkness)

Shadow politics

Shadow cabinet: The leaders of the opposition party in British parliament, or just a really dark closet.

Shadow government: (Conspiracy theory) A group of rich oligarchs that run the world rather than elected officials. Please God let this be true.

Extreme shadows

In Charlottesville, white supremacists came out of the shadows, killing an anti-fascist demonstrator, a shadow of things to come. 5 days later in Barcelona (extremists, vehicle, death), then a North Korean missile cast a fast-moving shadow over Japan.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is the scariest month since last month.

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