January 2012

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Cartoon by Gymglish


Silicon: a chemical element, often used as a semiconductor in microchips.

Silicone: a synthetic material with many uses, including breast implants and toilet joints.

Silicone in the news

French company PIP used low-quality silicone for breast implants, causing potential health risks. The company is now out of business. R.I.P. PIP.

The French government has offered to remove all PIP breast implants free of charge. Dominique Strauss Khan has volunteered to supervise this process personally.

Silicon Facts

- "Silly con Carne" is a traditional Mexican meal served with tequila and black beans.

- Silicon is Si on the periodic table of elements, right next to Gg (Gymglishium).

Silicon vs. Silicone

Silicon Valley is the unofficial tech capital of the world, and home to Apple and Google.

Silicone Valley is an area in Malibu populated by surgically-enhanced blondes auditioning for Baywatch (Shh! It’s been off the air for years).

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