February 2020

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Cartoon by Gymglish


To spread:
  • to disseminate, expand or propagate, like information, religion or a disease;
  • to apply on a surface, like butter on bread.
A spread: something distributed over bread or crackers.

Spreading in the News

Start spreading the news, there's a new disease in town - the Coronavirus, and it's spreading fast.

Please be extra careful when handling vegetables and reptiles.

Spread the word, not the bug!

Famous spreads

Butter: The caviar of cow products.

Cream Cheese: Good for bagels, bad for arteries.

Peanut Butter: Perfect treat for dogs and/or Americans.

Nutella: Every time you eat a spoonful, a hazelnut tree dies. Enjoy.

Things to spread

Rumors: I heard Dennis from accounting is dating Rob from HR, but Cindy from sales tweeted that Rob is actually a hologram. (Please retweet)

Wealth: To distribute wealth evenly. If we survive, let’s agree to spread money and viruses equally, ok?

Panic: To provoke fear and confusion. It's what we do best.

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