September 2017

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Cartoon by Gymglish


Surge: a strong or sudden increase or movement.

To surge: to increase suddenly, to move forward with great force.

Surges in the news

A surge of hurricanes hit the Caribbean and US Gulf coast this month. Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria are names that won’t surge in popularity.

Meanwhile, Angela Merkel surged to a 4th term as German Chancellor, but was weakened by a surge in far-right voters.

Don’t confuse Surge with:

Surgery: The medical procedure of cutting you open. When you need a new heart or just bigger tits.

Serge Gainsbourg: Sexy French singer. His voice left us more humid than any storm.

Also surging:

  • Nuclear missiles. Let’s hope there’s no launch party.
  • US troops in Afghanistan. Yes, that war is still going on.
  • Stock market. Who knew chaos could be so profitable?
  • Police brutality, protests, earthquakes, political discord, misleading headlines, etc.

We can’t verify it all, so let’s just play on your emotions rather than getting the facts straight.

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