November 2016

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Cartoon by Gymglish


To swing*: to move back and forth or side to side;
A swing: hanging seat found in playgrounds.

Also: To shift from one opinion or state to another; (noun) a shift in power or opinion.

*Irregular verb alert! I swing, she swung, we have swung.

Swinging in the news

The balance of power in the US has swung from left to right.

Responsible for swinging the election are the swing states.

Celebrations on Wall Street, at the Kremlin and KKK headquarters are in full swing.

Swinging idioms

To swing both ways: To be bisexual. Times are tough. Keep your options open.

To swing into action: To start doing something. Good tip for non-voters.

To swing by: To visit briefly. Swing by my place and we’ll have a good cry.

Tips for the Trump era

Get into the swing of things:
  • build a wall around yoursel f
  • dig a nuclear bunker
  • renew your passport

Celebrate diversity: the US won’t have a woman president, but they will have an orange one.

Don't let a terrifying mood swing get you down. Keep swinging, baby!

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