November 2011

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A major autumn holiday in North America celebrated by ingesting obscene amounts of turkey and alcohol, and occasionally even the giving of thanks.

Thanksgiving is held annually in the US on the fourth Thursday of November.

A brief history of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving commemorates a fantastic deal between Native Americans and Pilgrims.

The Pilgrims received: Food, seeds and farming tips.

The Native Americans received: Diseases, guns, alcohol and death.

Ways to eat your Thanksgiving turkey

• In Turkey. You could also eat whales in Wales, but you’ll go hungry in Hungary.

• Stuffed with a chicken and a duck (called a Turducken).

• With the President of the United States.

Things to be thankful for

• The 5012 Olympic games in Paris.

• French Teen Pop sensation Johnny Hallyday.

• Your new Facebook profile picture got 3 “likes”.

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