February 2013

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Cartoon by Gymglish


Horse (noun): A large, four-legged mammal with a mane and a tail. Not a cow.

Depending on your culture, horses are either ridden or eaten.

Horses in the news

British supermarkets recently recalled meat products because they were '100% contaminated' with horsemeat.

UK authorities argued that most English homes were already 100% contaminated with English cooking anyway.

Horseplay with idioms

Stud: Let's get naked!
Cindy: Hold your horses, we haven't eaten yet.
Stud: But I'm hung like a horse! Look...
Cindy: Impressive. Don’t put the cart before the horse though.
Stud: What?
Cindy: Dinner first, I could eat a horse...

Horses on the menu

Miniature 'teacup' pony: The perfect starter to whet the appetite.

Thoroughbred: Race horse. Very fast food.

Zebra: Not cheap, but different-flavoured stripes are delicious.

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