October 2017

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Cartoon by Gymglish


Leaf (plural leaves): Often seen on plants and trees. Also: a page or paper.

To leaf through (a book): to quickly turn pages.

Don’t confuse with to leave (to exit).

Leaves in the news

Leafing through the newspaper can be so depressing*. Let’s look out the window instead: Autumn leaves are falling!

*Catalonia may leave Spain, the US has left UNESCO, Harvey Weinstein should leave ladies alone the planet.

Leafy expressions

To shake like a leaf: To be very scared. Why are you shaking? Only 3 more years of Trump.

To take a leaf out of someone’s book: To follow someone’s example. Catalonia’s taking a leaf out of the best-selling Secessionist Handbook.

To turn over a new leaf: To make a fresh start. Why not open a new browser window instead?

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