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Primary (adjective): Most important or basic; first.

Primaries (noun): Preliminary elections to select a candidate for a future, more important election.

Primary Stuff

Primary Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow. Like the Romanian flag. Go Romania!

Primary Forest: Lots of biodiversity. Sometimes primates, our primos*.

Primary School: Where you learned the primary skill of not peeing in your pants.

*Spanish for “cousin”

2012 US Primary candidates (Democrats)

Barack Obama - Current president. Dignified, smart and diplomatic. He must be stopped at all costs.

Vermin Love Supreme - His program: obligatory tooth brushing, time travel research, a pony for every American.

2012 US Primary candidates (Republicans)

Mitt Romney - Mormon. Millionaire. Strategy: Defeat opposition with natural beauty.

Rick Santorum - Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Pro-Torture. Pro-bably not going to win.

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