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Privacy (noun): A state in which an individual is not observed or disturbed.

Internet privacy: A mythological state in which your information is not collected or shared.

Privacy in the news 1/2

A recent leak reveals an extensive surveillance program to track private data, headed by the US government.

The US government denies listening to phone calls, assuring us they never listen to citizens.

Ways to protect your privacy

Check your privacy settings. Your private life might have been replaced by your public profile.

Find the 'phone' feature on your phone. Disable it. From now on, pigeons will deliver your news.

Fly to the moon.

Privacy in the news 2/2

Citizens are outraged, believing their data should only be tracked by advertisers and ex-lovers.

Ex-lovers are outraged because we broke up over a controversial Facebook message (currently being inspected by the US govt).

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