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Cartoon by Gymglish


Successor (noun): A person or object that follows or ‘succeeds’ another (in office or position).

Example: The Minitel is such a marvel of modern technology that it has no successor.

Successors in the news

The smoke has spoken! Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a.k.a. Pope Francis, is the new Pope. He succeeds Pope Benedict XVI.

Delightful dictator Hugo Chavez’s death leaves Venezuela to successor Nicolas Maduro, who will honor Chavez’s ‘I hate North America’ policy.

Successor Job Offers

Italy: Seeking young (<80), hard-working Pope for management position. Large hat provided. Hired

Venezuela: Seeking dictator with military background to govern oil-rich South American nation. Mustache is a plus. Hired

Successor Job Offers (continued)

UK: Seeking royal replacement for aging monarch. Responsibilities: waving and smiling. Perks: jewels and small dogs. Vacant

Middle East: Seeking open-minded peace negotiator to untangle complicated succession situation. Vacant

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