The Word of the Month


September 2013

Cartoon by Gymglish


Chemistry (noun): The science of matter, aka the science of change, aka the central science.

Also: A feeling or rapport between people.
Ex: The chemistry between Obama and Putin has never been better.

Chemistry in the News

Following the use of chemical weapons in Syria, western powers are debating war intervention.

For the US, this would be the 3rd war intervention in 10 years, breaking their record for wars per decade.

Elemental Knowledge

In the US, a chemist is a scientist with a white coat and safety goggles.

In the UK, a chemist sells you aspirin and condoms (a pharmacist).

The ‘ch’ in ‘chemistry’ makes a ‘k’ sound, like kill, not chill. Incidentally, we should chill, not kill.

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