The Word of the Month


March 2015

Cartoon by Gymglish


Cricket (noun): The world’s most annoying, misunderstood sport.

Also: The world’s most annoying, misunderstood insect.

Cricket in the news

The Cricket World Cup, underway in Australia and New Zealand is currently thrilling 14 nations while confusing the hell out of 160 others.

Cricket is huge in Britain and its former colonies, except the US, which plays a stupider sport called baseball.

Cricket facts: Insect

  • About 900 species worldwide.
  • Average life span 1-2 years.
  • Considered food in parts of Asia.
  • Keeps people awake at night.

Cricket facts: Sport

  • About 900 fans worldwide
  • Average match lasts 1-2 years.
  • Considered fun in parts of Asia.
  • Puts people to sleep during day.

Cricket: bugs bugging people, or people bugging bugs? That is the question.

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