The Word of the Month


July 2016

Cartoon by Gymglish

A brief history of hugs:

2,000,000 BC. Hug virus transmitted to humans via confused orangutan.

70,000 BC. Hug spreads to Europe. Population affected by warmth, pleasure and accidental butt touching.

Modern Day. Hugs achieve digital form: XOXO (hugs & kisses).

The War on hugs

Anti-huggers are terrified that hugs may lead to:
  • Non-violent behavior
  • Tolerance and open-mindedness
  • Constructive dialogue
  • Embarrassing erections

A desperate message to the press: Please stop giving these huggers so much attention... It’s exactly what they want!

PS: Hug a lot this summer.
XOXOXO, Gymglish.

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