The Word of the Month

Iron Lady

April 2013

Cartoon by Gymglish


Iron (noun, adjective): A strong grey metal, often used for construction.

Lady (noun): A woman, often a distinguished or noble one.

Iron Lady: The nickname given to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Iron Lady in the news

Margaret Thatcher died last week at the age of 87. Reaction to her death has been mixedAuthor: Daily Mail, Socialist Worker.

Thatcher was a political Frankenstein: the policies of Ronald Reagan, the hair of Barbara Bush, and the body of Danny DeVito.

My Maggie

by Laura X, city banker in London

Made me millions
Allowed me to buy a Porsche
Gave hope to the nation
Got rid of useless trade unions
Insured safety of Falkland Islands
Everyone will remember her (fondly)

My Maggie

by John Y, former miner in Newcastle

Made millions lose their jobs
Allowed me to discover homelessness
Gave nightmares to the nation
Got rid of workers’ rights
Inspired terror among Argentines
Everyone will remember her (bitterly)

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