The Word of the Month


February 2018

Cartoon by Gymglish


To launch: to throw forcefully, to start (a company), to market (a product), to set in motion (a rocket).

Don’t confuse Launch with:

Raunch: Vulgar, sexual content (ex: a raunchy magazine). Embarrassing if the aliens see this.

Paunch: A cute name for a belly. In space, no one is overweight.

Haunch: The hip or butt. If we lose some paunch and haunch, we’ll be ready for launch.

What to launch?

A disinformation campaign: Facebook will gladly take your money to influence geopolitics.

A company: Remember your idea for an app that counts the ducks you’ve seen?

A missile. It’s just not polite.

A career. You speak English. Nothing can stop you!

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