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May 2013

Cartoon by Gymglish


Nuke (noun): Abbreviation for a "nuclear weapon", usually a bomb or missile.

To nuke (verb) : To detonate a nuclear weapon. Ex: We should probably nuke them before they nuke us.

A Brief History of "Club Nuke"

Roosevelt launches the club in 1945. Stalin joins in 49, Churchill in 52, a fashionably-late De Gaulle in 60. Mao pops by in 64.

In the 70s, India, Pakistan, and Israel show up without an invite. Now North Korea wants in, and they say they’ve got nukesCredit: North Korea.

Nuclear Nuggets

To nuke is also a slang term for using a microwave. Nuking a frozen burrito is a 5-star meal in the US.

Don’t confuse nukes with puke (vomit), flukes (whale fins) or spooks (ghosts). Nuclear war will likely result in all 3.

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