The Word of the Month


June 2016

Cartoon by Gymglish


Poll: a vote, a referendum; a survey.
Also: the place where voting takes place (school, city hall, etc).

To poll: to survey, ask questions, record an opinion.

Ex: 19 out of 7 people believe polls are inaccurate.

Polls in the news

UK voters flocked to the polls this month. Initial polling indicated the UK would stay in the European Union, but now it’s official: “See EU later”.

In solidarity with the vote, the English football team has also left the Euro Cup.

Confusion at the polls

(North) Pole: Santa lives there.

Pole: a Polish person, like former pope John “Poll” II.

Paul: Second best Beatle (after Ringo).

Pol: Cambodian dictator. Unpopular in the polls.

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