The Word of the Month


February 2014

Cartoon by Gymglish


A ring: a circular shape, band or loop.

To ring: to make a resonant sound; to make a phone call, etc.

Ring is irregular: I ring the doorbell.
You rang the police.
They’ve rung the alarm.
Now I’m in jail.

Rings in the news

5 rings, representing 5 continents, are the symbol of the Olympic Games, held this month in Sochi, Russia.

Narratives of the month: fraternity, unity, competition spirit, joy, boycotts, terrorist threats, political tensions and chauvinism.

“Bo-ring” Sports (Get it?)

Curling: A contest to sweep ice compulsively with a broom. Seriously.

Bobsled: Dudes in skintight clothes hug as they race to their deaths at insane speeds.

Biathlon: Shooting rifles while cross-country skiing, just like the ancient Greeks.

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