The Word of the Month


September 2014

Cartoon by Gymglish


Scotch (noun, adjective): An old-fashioned term for the people of Scotland, also known as Scots, or the Scottish.

also: Whisky!

Scotch in the News

On September 18, the Scottish people said ‘No’ to independence from the UK.

Scots as young as 16 voted largely ‘Yes’. Looks like intense nationalism is cool for the whole family now!

What has Scotland ever given us?

Loch Ness monster. True story.

Kilts. Skirts for men. How progressive.

Bagpipes: Horrifying instrument of torture.

Haggis. Sheep lungs with sheep. Tastes like sheep.

Scotch Therapy

In times of trouble, remember that Scotch is the drink that unites the Kingdom, as well as the tape that binds it.

Scotland, England: Stay together for the kids!

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