The Word of the Month


October 2013

Cartoon by Gymglish


Shutdown (noun): The close of a store, system or organization; to shut down (verb): to cease operation, sometimes permanently.

To shut (verb): The opposite of “to open”.

Shutdowns in the news

The US Federal Government has shut down due to disputes over health care and debt.

The government hopes to resume its primary functions, such as raising taxes and spying on citizens, ASAP.

Know your “shuts”

A shut-in: A person who never goes outside. With the Internet, why bother?

Shut up!: A firm request to close your mouth. Ideal for addressing neighbors having more sex than you.

Shut-eye: Sleep. Ex: “Shut up neighbors, I need some shut-eye!”

Notorious Shutdowns

• Your computer. Spontaneously. Mysteriously. Right now?!

• MinitelAuthor: Tieum; Permission: factories in France. Officials promise to reopen them shortly.

• The government of the most powerful democratic nation on Earth.

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