The Word of the Month


January 2017

Cartoon by Gymglish


To snap: to break, usually with a cracking sound.

A snap: A break or rupture.

In a snap: Suddenly

Ex: And in a snap, the Oval Office was renamed the Trump Room.

Snap in the news

Cold snaps, waves of freezing weather, are a hot topic in the Northern Hemisphere. Stop laughing, Melbourne. Talk to us in 6 months.

Symptoms include ice, frost, snow and rain. Suggestion: act like a bear and rub your bum on trees hibernate.

Snappy idioms

Snap a pic (take a photo): Post it online. Your fondue party is big news (not fake news).

Snap your fingers (make sound with your fingers): A waiter may bring you something to drink.

Snap at someone (speak harshly): Snap at the weather gods.They’re not listening anyway.

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