The Word of the Month


March 2016

Cartoon by Gymglish


To trump: To defeat, overwhelm or win.

A trump card: A winning card; an asset or resource used to gain an advantage.

Ex. When it comes to outrageous comments, Donald can’t be trumped.

Trump in the News

In what many desperately hope is a cruel April fools’ joke, billionaire Donald Trump will likely represent Republicans in the 2016 US Presidential elections.

Sometimes money trumps common sense.

Don’t confuse Trump with...

Tramp (UK): A homeless person.
Donald says: "Go be homeless somewhere else."

Tramp (US): A promiscuous woman.
Donald says: "You can stay, dear."

Trumpets: Little Trumps Brass instruments.
Donald says: "Deport those to Mexico."

Trunk: Elephants use theirs to trump.
Donald says: "Go home, you fat grey terrorists."

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